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Formal and Informal Assessment


Monday, July 2, 2012


Post your final goodbye entry.  It has been a pleasure having all of you as students.  I will certainly miss all of you, but I am confident that you will use the skills that you've gained to empower the children of Pohnpei.  Good luck!

Best regards,
Dr. Rivera

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Session Links

June 6 - Formal and Informal Assessment. Visit

June 7 - Performance Assessments. Visit

June 8 - Assessment Strategies for Improving Instruction.  Visit

June 11 - Interpreting Test Scores for Various Purposes.  Visit 

June 12 - Developing Teacher Made Tests.  Visit

June 13 - Adapting Assessment Strategies to the Development Needs of Students.  Visit

June 14- Levels of Evaluation.  Visit

June 15 - Writing and Review Assessment Items.  Visit

June 18 - Presentation of Requirement #1

June 19 - Requirement #1 Presentation Continued

June 20 - Test Development Review.  Visit

June 21 and 22 - Differentiating Assessment/Instruction.  Visit

June 25 - 29:  Field Work

July 2 - Requirement #2 Due/Presentation
*Take the survey by visiting

July 3 - Requirement #3 Due/Presentation

July 4 - Final Self-Reflection Due